The idea of the OUTDOOR HOCKEY CLUB developed over the course of 2020.

While I was completing my film featuring hockey YouTube star Pavel Barber during the initial COVID-19 shutdown, the importance of getting outside to stay active became apparent. All forms of hockey were shut down, expect for grabbing a stick and ball then heading outside.

Hockey can be a fun way to stay active and healthy. Whether with shooting or stick-handling, it can provide a personal challenge where achievements can be reached along the way. For me I started with something as simple as trying to flip the puck in the air consecutively, then evolved that into teaching myself how to scoop the puck and score, something I learned from seeing Pavel do it!

I am a documentary filmmaker but more importantly, a lifelong hockey player. Getting outside to play hockey has always been the break I needed when things become stressful or overwhelming.

Thanks for visiting!

-Randy Frykas